The Power of Female Mentors

The Power of Female Mentors

All over the world, women have been struggling with disadvantages for centuries, whether in leadership, the business world, or basic human rights. In spite of this, so many women have become incredible success stories in their own right – yet these barriers remain. One of the most important ways to help more women and young girls succeed in life and overcome the odds is through access to active female mentors – sources of advice, leadership and experience in a world where this critical resource is so often denied.

What Does Mentoring Look Like?

Mentoring can take many forms, from one-on-one mentoring of a promising employee in the business world, taking a young woman under your wing as they start planning their future, or even speaking with groups of young women about your dreams, challenges and ambitions for the future.

Ultimately, mentoring is about providing a level of support to help others succeed. As a woman, you know many of the challenges that young girls will face as they graduate, move into higher education and develop their careers. Your insights, your awareness of what they are and will go through, and your knowledge of how to deal with these challenges is not only a source of support, but one of inspiration and empowerment.

Women did not create the barriers we see in society and the workplace, but – with mentoring – we can help overcome them.

How Mentoring Helps Women

  • Improves self-belief – We all have preconceived assumptions about everyone around us, and this shapes our experiences and even creates self-limiting behaviour. In a mentoring relationship, even a group talk, people break down these barriers and realise that their dreams and ambitions are possible – and should be taken seriously.
  • Removes barriers – In most societies and communities, women and girls are told who they should be and what they should want; that certain dreams and goals are more important for them than others. These messages are passed on by both men and women, creating a mould that suffocates creativity, ambition and uniqueness. Having a real-life role model creates proof that more is possible, and that you should believe in yourself and what you want to achieve.
  • Prevents missteps – Young girls often have limited opportunities and this lack of experience can lead to low self-confidence as well as making avoidable mistakes. Having a mentor gives young women a safe space to ask questions, bounce ideas, and learn from another’s experience. A female mentor is relatable, accessible and safe, understanding what young women face and how to overcome these challenges.

Become a Mentor and Inspire Tomorrow’s Success Stories

At Dare to Dream, our focus is on showing young women around the world that success is possible and that their dreams can become a reality. By hosting events where inspirational women speak to young girls, we’re bringing mentors together to empower tomorrow’s successful women.