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South Africa Event, Cape Town, 27 February 2014

On February 2nd 2018 we will host our second Dare to Dream event in Cape Town, South Africa. The event will be hosted by Bloubergrant High School.

Below you can meet the people behind this event: our hosts and the amazing speakers.

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Specialist Neurosurgeon

Passion: Seeing people become the best versions of themselves, and calling to order the culprit when I watch an act of injustice.
Past 3 months: Accomplishment; strength; self-discovery.
Idea of happiness: A nice balance between work, health and fun…
5 years ago: I wasn’t able to be completely open to the public about my life; I’ve learnt now to relate and be open about myself to people; and of course, I couldn’t operate on brains and now they are my sanctuary.
I am most proud of: How far South Africa has come in the pursuit of emancipation and empowering of women; we have a long way to go but some great strides have been made.

Bucket list:

  1. To have a foundation that caters to young girls who want to be in neurosciences, for girls by women.
  2. Complete my French lessons
  3. Write a book and publish it

One living person I most admire: Dr Judy Dlamini
Words of wisdom: ‘the worst thing over and above the sound of the oppressor is the silence of the observers’

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Commercial Airline Pilot

I’m passionate about: Empowering the youth, education, abused kids and the elderly

Three words that describe the past three months in my life: Life is Beautiful

My idea of perfect happiness is:
My definition of happiness is a feeling of contentment that comes from within, nobody can give it to you, it’s something you give to yourself. So, for me, my idea of perfect happiness is being able to be content with every situation that comes my way, good or bad and accepting my imperfections, also knowing I’m not perfect but I’m made in the image of my Creator.

Something I can do today that I couldn’t do five years ago is:
I can safely transport passengers from one destination to another safely within Southern Africa

I am most proud of:
My achievements at such a young age and my determination not to allow anybody to step in my way.

Three things on my bucket list:

  1. Get more involved with community work or voluntary organizations and possibly one day starting my own funded organization to educate learners.
  2. Explore Africa, everybody wants to go International, but I would like to start in Africa
  3. Have 3 degrees by the age of 50

The living person I admire most is:
My mother. Her strength and perseverance towards life amazes me daily. Having raised me on her own and always providing me with whatever I needed.

The most important words of wisdom that another woman shared with me are:

“Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping stone to greatness” Oprah Winfrey

“Isaiah 40:31 For those that wait upon the Lord, shall renew their strength, they shall mount on wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not be faint.” Message passed on by my Spiritual Leader Pastor Mattie Livesey

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Radio Presenter at KFM 94.5

I’m passionate about: People, entertainment, music, and family

Three words that describe the past three months in my life: Rollercoaster, exciting and divine

My idea of perfect happiness is: Being surrounded by love and feeling safe enough to give love back without any reservations

Something I can do today that I couldn’t do five years ago is: Pay rent!

I am most proud of: Being able to help my parents out

Three things on my bucket list:

  1. Do an international trip with my parents
  2. Perform for someone really important(secret passion)
  3. Spend New Year’s Eve on Times Square, New York

The living person I admire most is: My father

The most important words of wisdom that another woman shared with me are:

Never put the responsibility of your own happiness in someone else’s hands. Ultimately you can observe how someone treats you, and from there decide whether or not you will participate (Iyanla Vanzant). But the decision is always yours.

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