Do you share our passion to help girls realise their dreams?

Why not join our community and host a Dare to Dream event in your country?

Our events consist of three talks by inspirational women who share the story of how they realized their dream (which you’ll need to photograph or video). This is followed by a casual ‘question and answer’ session, where girls and speakers can make connections and ask questions. In total, an event lasts about 90 minutes. We’ll provide you with an event kit as well as tips on how to find incredible speakers, but the final decisions and production of the event will be in your hands.

How does it work?
Your goal will be to produce a Dare to Dream event for at least 100 girls in your country. For this you will need to select a city/town in which you want to hold the event. You’ll need to approach local schools to find a school who would like to host the event, and you’ll need to find 3 speakers to speak at the event. This is not a conference, the goal is to create a casual, local Dare to Dream event experience in your city.

How do we help you?
We’ve helped women in Kenya and Uganda organize local events. We’ll be there every step along the way to support you in setting up your event. We’ll provide you with an event kit that includes a presentation on Dare to Dream and letters to send to local schools to explain the event concept and ask them to participate. We’ll also help you identify and approach speakers. (People love the concept and are usually eager to participate!).

To make sure your event day is spectacular, we’ll also provide you with posters, Dare to Dream t-shirts, pens and papers for the girls.

Contact us to discuss hosting an event in your country!