Dare to Dream coaching

Dear visitor,

My name is Sabine, and as part guide, part mentor I connect deeply with women to inspire insight, action and change. It is my deeply held conviction that everything you need to be your greatest self is already inside you. My mission is to reconnect you with your greatest potential.

I listen deeply and intuitively to your story, invite you into a place of exploration, and offer gentle guidance as you explore your challenges and dreams. I walk alongside you as you seek to live more authentically, more courageously, and with more resilience and strength.

My passion is to guide you toward living your life in a meaningful way by connecting and living from your authentic self. Let’s go co-create your journey of self-realisation!

I can help you revive, grow and thrive by:

  • Taking a mindful break to shift your inner frequency from the always-busy to a quieter one, enabling you to look deeper
  • Discovering more about who you are and why you are here
  • Cutting through the noise to hear your inner voice
  • Examine the stories you carry with you through upbringing or social conditioning
  • Work through fears and resistance that are holding you back
  • Find your inner leader
  • Open up different ways of seeing
  • Develop skills that help you reach your greatest potential and make the difference you feel called to make
  • Step forward from your authentic self as leader and change-maker

One of my greatest gifts is the ability to see the capabilities and potential in other people and to help them see it too. My guidance is based on my training in Transformational Presence and Hypnotherapy. These trainings have taught me how to listen intuitively and with deep attention, how to ask meaningful questions, and how to hold a safe space for complex emotions and stories.

“We have all the answers,

if only we dare ask ourselves the right questions.”


 How I work

  1. Free initial consultation.
    First, let’s connect to explore what you want to achieve. The first 45-minute consultation, either in person or via skype, is free of charge. Together, we’ll determine if I can help and approximately how many sessions we would need to get you going. (In this type of coaching we can realize significant insights and changes in as little as 4 to 6 sessions!)
  2. Walking the path.
    Every client is unique and therefor every coaching journey is unique too. Sessions may include meditation to help you reconnect with your inner self, hypnotherapy to help you rewrite limiting self-talk, long walks in nature to get into a natural state of exploration and flow, or rituals to help you let go of the past and embrace your full potential wanting to unfold.

Our coaching work together includes in-person coaching sessions, exercises for you to do at home between those sessions as well as follow-up by email in case of questions or concerns. Watch the change unfold in yourself, guaranteed!

Curious how I can help? Send me an email on sabine@daretodreamproject.org and let’s explore your challenge.


About me

I’ve been working in large international organizations in marketing roles, in which I have lead teams of 8 – 12 people for more than 20 years, amongst others for Barco, Weber Shandwick and Goodman. In parallel, I’ve been following various trainings in self-development, authentic leadership and mentoring/coaching at The Centre for Creative Leadership, Centre for Transformational Presence and the UK College for Hypno-therapy.

In my role as guide/mentor, I combine my experience in the corporate world and leadership positions with a deep desire to help leaders (and future leaders) to pursue their heart-centered mission. I will guide you toward courage, clarity and living your life in a meaningful way by connecting with your authentic self. Let’s go co-create your journey of self-realisation!

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