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Albania Event, Tirana, 03 April 2015

On April 3rd 2015 we held another Dare to Dream event in Albania. 140 girls attended the event, which was hosted by Isa Boletini High School in Paskuqan, Tirana.

Below you can meet the people behind this event: our hosts and the amazing speakers.


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CEO, Protik Innovation Centre in Tirana, Albania

Edlira Kasaj is a start-up enthusiast who started her career by setting up small businesses. She holds a degree in Computer Sciences from the University of Tirana, and an MBA from the Lancaster Management School (UK) with a focus on Strategic Management. Currently, Edlira is the CEO of Protik ICT Resource Centre which is in itself a startup.

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“Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this very special event. I received more than I gave. It was truly inspiring and I am grateful for it.”

– Edlira Kasaj –

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Harvard University Researcher and U.N. International Criminal Tribunal defense lawyer.

Rudina is a lawyer and scholar specialized in international criminal law and human rights law. Born in Albania and educated in the United States and England, she has sought to make a meaningful contribution to justice and scholarly understanding in the areas of human rights, international criminal law, and transitional justice. She holds an LL.M. in International Legal Studies from Georgetown University Law Center and an MSc in Criminology and Criminal Justice from University of Oxford.

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“It was a pleasure to be part of such an inspirational event. My gratitude goes to all of you, but particularly to Sabine, whose vision, motivation and willingness have encouraged so many girls present to dare to dream. I left having taken more from the event that I had ever anticipated. It allowed me and the other speakers an opportunity to witness first-hand the myriad of desires, dreams and aspirations that young people have in Albania and made me think of the ways I can continue to contribute in the future.”

– Rudina Jasini –

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Rudina is a professional journalist who writes about human rights and women’s issues in the Western Balkans. As a young girl, she studied in Pittsburgh USA, and until 2009 worked as journalist for Albania Daily News for 14 years. Today, she writes and works as freelance communication consultant.

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