Was it as hard as people say?
The early days were not so bad but the summit night was very long and very cold. This is a hard climb for a young person.

What was the hardest part?
Not showering for a week (and the summit night).

What was it like standing at the top?
It felt great. I was tired and the some of the people around me were crying because they were so happy. I was so happy and proud of myself.

What did you think about walking back down the mountain?
I felt ill at that stage but knew I had to keep going. I thought a lot about sleep and my mom and sister as I missed them.

What did you learn from this journey?
To never give up. To set yourself a goal and believe in yourself… even if you don’t achieve, it at least you tried.

Did realising this dream change anything in you?
It made me proud of who I am. The next time I have a tough challenge I will believe in myself even more.

Do you have a next dream you want to realise?
I want to play tennis at Wimbledon!

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